Care Instructions for Felt Art

Felt art by Dabney Kirchman

Felt is easy to care for, durable and long-wearing

Felt is easy to care for, durable, and long–wearing.  Professional quality, light-fast, and wash-fast dyes are used in the fine merino wools, which are blended & layered to give your felt its rich, complex hues.  Dusting with a lint roller twice a year will maintain the brilliance of these colors under any normal circumstances.

Wet-felted wool is very sturdy—yurts made of 100% wool felt house families on the Mongolian Steppes in all seasons and for many years.  If you choose, your felt may be steam cleaned every few years.  The felt may also be removed from the canvas stretcher and hand-washed in the event of a food or other spill.  For best results, please contact the artist before removing the art from its frame.

The oldest archeological felts date from 6500 BC.  Your felt should provide a lifetime of enjoyment.