Color Field Squares – Unframed

24″ x 24″ Hand-Made Merino Wool Felt with Silk & Mohair

Most of my felt artwork begins with 30”X 30” color fields. The felting process — layering, blending, and agitating the wool fibers — causes 20-30% shrinkage. The result is hand-made felt squares, approximately 24”X 24.” This fabric is then cut and assembled into two- and three-dimensional compositions.

Each final piece uses several of the basic color field pieces. Sometimes, though, the experimentation with layers, texture, or pattern, results in a square that stands on its own. Sometimes I find the image too compelling to cut up and use in other work.

Whether the felt is made experimentally or for use in a specific composition, I try to have a few dozen on hand for inspiration. It turns out there is a market for these flat felts.

Click on the images below for a larger view of each piece.


Dark Rivers Joining

Forest With White Trees

Hidden Branches, Caribbean Blue

Hidden Tree in Falling Light

Winter Trees at Night