Color Field Squares – Unframed

24″ x 24″ Hand-Made Merino Wool Felt with Silk & Mohair

Most of my felt artwork begins with 30”X 30” color fields. The felting process — layering, blending, and agitating the wool fibers — causes 20-30% shrinkage. The result is hand-made felt squares, approximately 24”X 24.” This fabric is then cut and assembled into two- and three-dimensional compositions.

Each final piece uses several of the basic color field pieces. Sometimes, though, the experimentation with layers, texture, or pattern, results in a square that stands on its own. Sometimes I find the image too compelling to cut up and use in other work.

Whether the felt is made experimentally or for use in a specific composition, I try to have a few dozen on hand for inspiration. It turns out there is a market for these flat felts.

Click on the images below for a larger view of each piece.


Dark Rivers Joining

Bright Blue Clouds Felt Flat by Dabney Kirchman

Forest With White Trees

Winter Well Felt Flat by Dabney Kirchman

Hidden Branches, Caribbean Blue

Red Felt Flat with Mohair by Dabney Kirchman

Hidden Tree in Falling Light

Lichen Forest Green Felt Flat by Dabney Kirchman

Winter Trees at Night

Parrot Green with Silk Felt Flat by Dabney Kirchman